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Our Network The backbone of our operations

We have chosen to work with Vultr & OVH as our Network partners to guarantee high speed, high quality bandwidth, low latency time and data security. Don't just take our word for it, see some of the network features for yourself. If you are looking premium quality hosting, you are right place!

Anti-DDoS protection

All our hosting services have integrated protection against all DDoS attack types. There are nine anti-DDoS infrastructures setup, with a capacity of 6x600Gps + 1x 240Gbps + 2x120Gbps in OVH datacentres.

With this protection in place, the network can mitigate DDoS attacks up to 4 Tbps, 24/7.

Over 12 Tbps globally

To ensure high-speed connection, high-quality bandwidth and low latency, OVH has chosen to invest in deploying it's own fibre optic network.

Managed with DWDM equipment which is being migrated onto 100G coherent technology, the OVH network offers a total capacity of 12 Tbps worldwide.

A high-security network

In order to guarantee maximum internet connection security, wiring is doubled as a minimum at each routing step.

Two Cisco routers (each with two network cards) make up the physical connection to your server. The fibre optic cables are at least doubled, and sometimes tripled.

High-quality routing infrastructure

The routing infrastructure is based on products from Cisco, a company with which OVH has developed a unique technical relationship.

24x7x365 NOC Support

Network Operations Centre (NOC) staff monitor the network around the clock, with Network engineers available on-site.


Since 2003, our partner OVH has worked on a process to reduce energy consumption in their datacentres, by designing an exclusive water-cooling system for servers. OVH never ceases to invent new ways of reducing the quantity of electricity needed to run its datacentres.

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